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On this page you will find my most recent paintings . Unfortunataly they are not in order but the completion date is listed.

Miss Pixie and Maddam B_acrylic_16x20_10/18

BFF_12x16_pastel on suede_10/18

Manifestation In Time/Space_ 4/2016_acrylic_30x40_ In this painting I wanted to show how all manifestation occurs first in a metaphysical state. The lion being represents the original lion beings from Lyra and as he meditates he creates the concept of the tree of life in a pristine environment. This takes place in a metaphysical state of consciousness and thus blurs the lines between realities of the physical and metaphysical.

Messengers of Joy_22x28_5/16_acrylic_ SOLD The beautiful glow of love and joy is evident on her aged face. Magically she conjures up some butterflies from a sacred eagles feather, messengers ,who will spread joy and love to all they meet. Something we are all capable of doing with just a simple smile.

"Nefetia"_30x40_acrylic_8/15.SOLD This painting was inspired by the Chris Munch video " Speaking of Sasquatch". Nefetia is a multi dimensional being who often manifested marbles to appear as gifts for the researcher Mike and the property owner in Ontario, or created figures made of plant matter and left drawings on the paper provided for him. He is a very kind and loving, enlightened being which is in complete contrast to the hairy and scary monster he is often portrayed as being by the media. This painting was changed from the original because to many people thought it was a gorilla, which was not the point of the painting. So I made him more human like to emphasize that aspect. Since there are no photos of Nefetia and I have not seen a sasquatch I created an image based on other peoples descriptions.

Vine Glass_acrylic_12x24_11/18

Reflections of a Rose_22x28_acrylic_2/2016 SOLD A Rose, is a rose, is a rose , was the adage I used to create this image . The beauty of the rose is reflected in it's design that is the same design of many galaxies. It's soft petals highlighted by dew drops of water accents the beauty of it's petals. The name "Rose" is synonymous with beauty and can also be found in the thoughtful reflections of a young woman.

Darter's Landing_36x24_acrylic_12/16_SOLD I like painting close up images of lily pads and water. I cropped the original image to accent the directional flow of the pads and then placed this darter dragon fly in the composition to add an additional character of intense and beautiful colour to the setting.

Beauty And The Beast_acrylic_18x36_4/2017

Matrix Mind_30x40_2/2017_acrylic This painting represents the matrix mind of Unity consciousness. On earth our combined thoughts create the experiences of this current 3D reality. The Earth and it's conditions reflect our current state of consciousness. But like a computer program that is constantly changing and adapting to our individual and collective states of conscience we can change our reality just by thinking thoughts of love ,peace and equality and unity for all of the Creators creation. The character in the painting has taken on the magical personality of her metaphysical self, her creative self and with love and through love and intention is creating changes within herself which ultimately will be reflected in changes to her beloved Earth.

Water Spirits_36x24_acrylic_9/17_I created this painting around the concept idea of a dragon fly as a literal translation, among Lilly pads. Even though we think of dragons as mythical creatures we still have a universal idea of what a dragon would look like through various art forms. I added dragon fly wings to a Japanese style dragon and imagined a girl, the embodiment of a water spirit, finding this rare, water drenched creature, as the sun sets over a watery habitat and blowing it a loving kiss.

Dang It_30x40_acrylic_8/18 I wanted this painting to relate to all the unlucky fishermen. They all seem to have a story about the "one" that got away. Here our unlucky fisherman watches longingly after the escaping prize, while even more fish swim behind him and out of reach.

Lion portrait_16x20_pastel on suede mat_ 2/2017_SOLD

Scarab_pastel on suede mat_24x36_12/17 We tend to look down upon the insect world. This magnificent lion, the King of Beasts, eyes a scarab beetle as it goes about it's business of rolling a large ball of dung to a place where it can be buried and create a nursery for it's young. However without the dung beetle performing this necessary task the world would be covered in dung. To further emphasize this point the dung ball has the African continent superimposed upon it's surface.

Metamorphosis_30x40_acrylic_6/2017 Imagine the new found freedom and joy of breaking free from a chrysalis. You have been trapped in a caterpillar's body and now you have transformed into a beautiful butterfly and are free to fly and live to your full potential. Humanity has been imprisoned in a cocoon of negative programming which controls and influences our thoughts. We are and become the conscious energy of our thoughts. If we think from the aspect of unity consciousness, in love peace and harmony for all life, we can break free of our negative cocoon and fly.

Elly_20x30_pastel_2/2018 since elephants are one of my favourite subjects to paint, I wanted to paint one in pastel on suede mat. I wanted just a portrait so the viewer could get up and personal with the image.

Return of the Bird Tribes_30x40_acrylic_3/18 This painting represents the prophetic return of the bird Tribes, also known as the Rainbow Warriors. The Bird Tribes are the reincarnated first nations people of the past who lived their lives in harmony with nature and with the understanding of oneness and the spirituality of all of Earth's creatures. The second tribe is the angelic kingdom represented by the majestic eagle that is the personification of spirit and freedom and symbolic of a close connection to Spirit. The third tribe is the extraterrestrial councils of light. I used a crop circle in the form of a shield to represent this group and the information that is often channeled by some gifted individuals or left as physical evidence in the crop circle form for man to decipher. All groups are represented by starseeded individuals with a specific, divine purpose in their incarnation contracts that they then perform to assist the whole planet ascend into a higher vibration of unity consciousness.

Thirsty_24x20_pastel on suede_10/18 This painting reflects the dire need for fresh drinking water on our planet. Within the petals of a dew covered rose lies the desperate eyes of an African girl. With cupped hands she drinks the water from the sacred flower, but also offers a drink to her companion.

"Snow Cat"_18x36_acrylic_3/2017 I was inspired to paint this because I love to paint big cats. This is the first time I have painted a snow leopard. With the frequent snow storms we had this past winter I was able to get some good reference for the type of setting I wanted that would emphasize the camouflage characteristics of the leopards luxurious fur. I was also really drawn to the cats beautiful blue eyes.

Catitude_30x40_acrylic_9/2016._SOLD I wanted this cougar to portray an image of supreme peace and contentment. Even though it may have been chased into the tree by hunting dogs or wolves, it knows they can't climb trees and it can outrun them over short distances, or defend itself if it has too.

Enter Thru the Eye of Horus_24x30_acrylic_1/2015 The Eye of Horus represents the pineal gland and the cave of Brahma where extra sensory perception can be communicated from heavenly sources. In the is painting , Horus,the Falcon god of Egyptian lore is holding the key to the doorway of the mind and both inner and outer dimensions.

Zero Point_30x40_acrylic_5/2018_ This painting is showing the toroidal flow of our energy bodies. In the human energy torus there are two points of entry. Source energy travels down through the crown chakra. Earth's energy travels up through the root chakra. Where they meet is the zero point. If you have not awakened then that zero point is at your solar plexis chakra. An awakened soul has opened the heart chakra and therefore the zero point would be from a heart centred, unity consciousness perspective. As an awakened soul they can move the zero point to any of the seven inner chakras during meditation. In this image the third eye chakra has been activated and the character has become one with the universe.

Pte San Win_22x28_acrylic_7/17 SOLD The beautiful, mystical, earth spirit of the Lacota, Pte San Win ( White Buffalo Calf Woman) was the inspiration for this painting. She is a higher density spirit guide and brought the Lacota the sacred pipe and ceremonies that became the basis of the spiritual culture.

Hidden Beauty_18x24_pencil/charcoal_3/2015 I loved the serene look on the girls face and the subtle changes in tone enhanced the beauty of her facial structure which is unfortunately often hidden behind a veil.

"Val's Awedessy"_24x36_acrylic_1/18. This painting was inspired by an experience my friend Val Fabian had. She lives in Australia and is a channeller of messengers from the higher densities. One day she was in her pool when suddenly she was surrounded by orbs that were floating down around her, seeming to appear from nowhere. Interconnecting the spheres were lacy filaments. Even when she closed her eyes the orbs and filaments were still present and interacting with her on some subconscious level. Orbs have become a more common occurrence and are usually thought to be spheres of consciousness from a higher vibration than third density but also may be associated with fairies, earth spirits or possibly those of the deceased.

Transitions_acrylic_24x36_4/18. This painting represents the concept that we create the reality bubble that we live within. It is a bubble that can be changed through our consciousness and the amount of love within our individual beings. In this painting the grandmother figure is expressing her love for nature and her great mother Earth. This creates a transformation of the Earth into a higher vibration of love and light thus creating a more loving environment for her grand daughter to live in.

Bohemian Starseed 2 _30x40_acrylic_12/17. This painting represents the concept that we are all energy beings of rainbow love/light. our inner energy centres or chakras are represented by the colours of the rainbow. From red at the root, through orange,yellow,green,sky blue, indigo and violet at our crown. no matter our differences in outer appearance we are all the same on the inside, divine beings of love and light.

Rainbow Warrior_30x40_acrylic_7/2016_SOLD There will come a day when people of all races, colors and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all her children. They will move over the earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding, and healing everywhere they go. Many creatures thought to be extinct, or mythical will resurface at this time. The great trees that perished will return almost over night. All living things will flourish, drawing sustenance from the breast of our mother, the Earth. The great spiritual teachers who walked the Earth and taught the basics of the truths of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy will return and walk amongst us once more, sharing their power and understanding with all. We will learn how to see and hear in a sacred manner. Men and women will be equals in the way the Creator intended them to be; all children will be safe anywhere they want to go. Elders will be respected and valued for their contributions to life. Their wisdom will be sought out. The whole Human race will be called the People and there will be no more war, sickness, or hunger forever . _ Navajo/ Hopi prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow For information on the Lakota Star Map google www. Wayne Hershel Hidden Records

Water Girl_charcoal/graphite on exhibition board_10/16 I loved the joy in this girl's character. Like many young girls of third world countries that are given the task of bringing water to her family from sources that can be several kilometres away, this girl seems to do this arduous task with joy displayed on her face and in her heart.

"Dragon's Breath"_30x40_acrylic_10/16 This painting is about achieving inner peace. The buddha statue is shown in a meditative state using the peace mudra. He is sitting on a lotus flower base indicating enlightenment. So even though the waves are crashing all around him and they may even appear to be as if a dragon is attacking he suffers no effect as if it was only the spray of water on his back.

Great Grey_pastel on suede_21x26_6/18

"Snow Flake"_24x30_acrylic_11/16 This painting has a typical west coast winter scene with the mottled feathers of a young bald eagle against the back ground of blue greys sky and moss covered branches. In this painting the young eagle is experiencing it's introduction to snow flakes and gives them a careful inspection as they fall gently around it,s perch.

Aurora_acrylic_24x30_9/2018 This painting represents the divine feminine energy of Aurora. The rose she is smelling represents the sacred masculine energy, and her body is the divine chalice of the Holy Grail. She is a consciousness structure with a 5th dimensional vibration. She represents the collective social memory complex of the activated and awakened star seed community. She represents the third energy of the true holy trinity of divine energies of the unified field. The other two being Kryst/Sophia twin flames of Source. Her energy is one of the keys to ascension and is the twin flame to the Arch Angel Michael.